The History of China Grove Missionary First Baptist Church

In the year of 1921 a small group of people decided to organize a prayer band at the home of Deacon Shelly Truitt. They aquired a small house, on a rock, as their place of worship and named the church Hard Rock. Rev. Walter Flowers, a member of the prayer band, was called to serve as Pastor for the next three years.

Ministers who have served as the pastor of “The Rock” are: Rev. Thomas, Rev. Fairfax, and Rev. Stafford.

In 1928, one of the Deacons in the prayer band, Deacon O.C Woods, was called into ministry and elected Pastor. Under his leadership the congregation moved to a new location on Mae Ave in the Lynwood Park Community. Rev. O.C. Woods served faithfully for 19 years. During his tenure, Deacon William Anderson recommended the name of the church to be changed to China Grove First Baptist Church. Following Pastor Woods, Rev. Huff lead the flock for 1 year.

In 1949, Rev. Marignay was elected to serve as Pastor. Under his leadership the church moved from Mae Ave to Osborne Road. Rev. Marignay effectively and faithfully served and led the members until January 1969, when he was called to serve as full-time at Lily Hill Baptist Church, Decatur, GA.

June 6, 1969, God sent a strong, dynamic, and well respected leader by the name of Rev. Richard Gammage to be elected as Pastor. On March 21, 1971, a building permit was obtained and by April 1977 the old building was demolished. Rev. Gammage and the members of China Grove marched into the new $300,000 edifice filled with $16,000 worth of furniture! By June 11, 1983, to God is the glory, China Grove paid off the new edifice and celebrated this joyous occasion by holding a “Mortgage Burning Ceremony”!

July 1983, God called Rev. J. J. McCrary Jr. to China Grove as Pastor. In August of 1994 the church was destroyed by fire. With the prayers and faithfulness of Rev. McCrary and the members of China Grove, the church was rebuilt within 6 months. Rev. McCrary served as a faithful and dedicated leader for 12 years and in December 1995, was called to pastor a church in Virginia.

Ministers who have served as pastor of “China Grove” after the fire and their contributions are:

Rev. Hurrell Smith

Rev. Larry Holmes, wrote and established a New Member Orientation Program, Choir Member Study Program, rewrote the By Law with the aid of several members and purchased property to expand out parking lot.

Rev. Silas V. Harden Sr. established a Male Choir, Pastor’s Aid Ministry, Midweek Service and Joy Night service. Also under Rev. Harden’s leadership two vans were purchased utilized for Member Service Transportation and the Missionary Ministry Elderly and Needy Initiative.

Rev. Roger Parris

Rev. Brian Macon
implemented several exciting and spirit filled ministries to include Youth and Young Adult bible study, the re-establishment of the Male Choir and Deacon’s Training Program, as well as monthly Leadership meetings.

In August of 2009 by way of majority vote, GOD blessed again and sent an extremely humble in nature, yet spirit filled young man of God by the name of Rev. Darreius D. Moore. Rev Moore took charge and has been on fire for the Lord and China Grove ever since. Rev. Moore continues to do God’s work by building the Youth Department and restructuring New member Orientation. Thus far under his leadership, China Grove was official Incorporated! Rev. Moore, by the way of the Holy Spirit, is focused on moving China Grove from Membership to Spirit Filled, Spirit Led, Radical Discipleship!

We here at China Grove honor the past; Yet anticipate our future!!!

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